will VOGUE finally care about EBONY issues?

Left photo: edward_enninful/twitter | Right photo: photo: @randomandchic/Instagram

2 words: Edward Enninful, 1 hashtag: #NEWVOGUE

Vogue magazine has always sparked racial controversy and it is for good reason. British Vogue is 101 years old, yet there have been less than 5 black models to ever grace its front cover (in solo form). Naomi Campbell (named British Vogue’s contributing editor 2017) and Jourdan Dunn are among the models to have graced the cover. It is no wonder statements like “Vogue doesn’t care about Ebony issues” have been expressed. If Vogue does not really use black models on its cover, the magazine clearly does not care about how this would affect the black community all over the world and black aspiring models all over. More people of colour should be hired behind the scenes, so that we may all have a voice. Naomi Campbell posted an image of the British Vogue staff of 2017, what is seen is quite disturbing.

Picture:  screenshot of vogue


The entire previous staff was white as seen on the picture. This clearly shows why the magazine has been run this way for all these years, there has been no voice for people who are not white. How cool would it be if every company had to undergo a diversity test? I mean, it would be sad that it would have to come to that but I mean…. It is 2017 and this is still happening in so many workplaces! Thankfully for British Vogue lovers and readers, Edward Enninful has come to the long-awaited rescue!

Mixed-race Ghanaian model and activist, Adwoa Aboah (also contributing editor to the magazine) is the cover girl for the November issue, which is the first magazine edition that Eninnful has released as new Editor-In-Chief. We can clearly see that Enninful is not here to play any games! Edward has stated that his goal is to bring inclusion and diversity to the international magazine. Enninful does not only want to represent a community or a portion of the world but seeks to represent THE WORLD, as it should be. It seems #NEWVOGUE will finally care about EBONY issues.  This is what happens when diversity is included as STAFF, #NEWVOGUE is trending all over the world, it is probably the most talked about British Vogue edition ever, the previous Editor-In-Chief could learn something here… Diversity & inclusion brings readers from all over.




Windhoek Fashion Week 2017 – FEEDING you with affordable aesthetics

Windhoek Fashion Week / #WFW2017 happened on 1-4 November 2017 and I attended the finale/day 4. I was not present as a blogger or model, just as a spectator. Talented photographers took beautiful pictures of me and I thought I would share them, along with what I wore. I decided to attend last minute [literally only about 4 hours prior to the shows], therefore I did not wear any ‘desinaaaa’, instead, I wore clothes that I already had in my closet. Side note: IT IS NOT DIFFICULT TO LOOK FLY ON A BUDGET! Many people stress themselves by having the mindset of “If I’m not wearing a designer, I’m not attending.” Well, I wore what I had, attended, had a blast, received many compliments and got STUNNING photographs from it.

Outfit details from head to toe:

Black choker – Mr. P | Black bandeau – China store | Black bomber jacket – Identity . The ‘Windhoek’ patch was sewed on | Pastel purple leather pencil skirt – Legit Fashion | Black plain court heel – Legit Fashion | Pastel purple sling handbag – Foschini.

Styling & Make-Up – Lorna Mabuku

My beautiful yellow eyeshadow is from MUD cosmetics. Available from MUD Namibia distributor, Viver Fragranciamu make-up consultants: ViverFragranciaInstagram / ViverFragranciamuFacebook , see previous blog post for more info.

A ‘2 events in 1’ YouTube VLOG is coming up on WFW + a Halloween party I helped plan & attended at Chopsi’s Bar right after fashion week. Stay tuned. In the meantime, head over to my channel: YouTubeChannel 

Below are some of the photographs taken of me at #WFW2017 with all photographers’ credited, along with links to their pages respectively.


Photo: Kevin Perestrelo | KevinInstagram
Photo: Kevin Perestrelo | KevinInstagram
Photo: Kevin Perestrelo | KevinInstagram
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Photo: Blesser Malcah TV | BlesserMalcahtvYouTubeChannel
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Photo: Blesser Malcah TV | BlesserMalcahtvYouTubeChannel
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Photo: Martin Amushendje | MartinInstagram
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Photo: Blxckfyre | JacobInstagram
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Photo: Blxckfyre | JacobInstagram
Photo: Vaultz | VaultzWebsite
Photo: Vaultz | VaultzWebsite
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Photo: Blxckfyre | JacobInstagram



Linking misogyNOIR to fashion


“As women of color, we know fashion items colored as “nude” don’t actually match our skin.”

“In runways to magazine covers, fashion still lags in representing a range of races and ethnicities. There are various reasons why, but one recurring argument is that there aren’t enough people of color being hired behind the scenes, where decisions are made.”

Point of reference: Louboutin’s Solasofia pointed ballet flats

Author, Krissy Turner (April 2016) – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/fashion/news/why-christian-louboutins-nude-shoe-line-is-revolutionary-for-bla/

News of a nude shoe line shouldn’t be controversial, but as the shoes are available in a spectrum of creams, coffees and caramel shades, for women of colour this Solasofia shoe launch is revolutionary.

From shoes to underwear and lipsticks, ‘nude’ has always essentially meant beige or cream, and eliminated my skin tone and millions of others completely. Even a Google search of the word defines it as a ‘pinkish-beige colour.’

‘Nude is not a colour, it’s a concept,’ designer Christian Louboutin said when describing his nude collection. And he’s right. If ‘nude’ is supposed to look natural and fit your complexion perfectly, with underwear merging to look flawless under sheer tops, and shoes which should ‘disappear like magic and become a fluid extension of the legs’ as Louboutin says his new Solasofia pumps do, then why are so many skin tones traditionally left out?

Other brands have also realized that the term ‘nude’ is misleading. A quick search online shows that many other brands including Wonderbra, Undiz and Next, are now calling their previous ‘nude’ shades names like ‘skin’ and ‘neutral,’ but whilst Next now offers ‘chocolate’ and ‘mocha’ which are darker shades of shapewear, most of the other brands remain woefully white. 

Marc Bain – https://qz.com/651734/christian-louboutin-is-making-nude-shoes-to-match-every-skin-tone/

Louboutin explained his decision to expand the nude range in a blog post last year. “I’ve always done a Nude shoe but only using the color beige,” he said. It wasn’t until a team member bluntly stated “beige is not the colour of my skin that he recognized “nude” should be a concept rather than a single shade.

One person took to social media by writing “Louboutin – you guys are the best and the only luxury brand that does this. They may ‘only’ be shoes but you’re making a difference by designing and retailing inclusiveness and diversity.

Lorna Mabuku’s thoughts

Yet again, the hatred of black women is evident; black women are always excluded, and it never seems to matter. *sigh* misogyNOIR

x, L

1 dress; 2 ways

I love this button-up dress because of its unique ability. Here i am showing you 2 different ways i wore it, on 2 separate occasions.

Dress: Legit Fashion
Coat: Miladys
Shoes: Converse All Star
Background|shop: Omba Arts Gallery [Windhoek]