Lorna Mabuku is a ‘Jill’ of all trades and is a freelancer in every aspect of the word. She is a fashion, editorial, commercial and runway model, brand influencer/ambassador, fashion enthusiast, fashion – beauty – lifestyle -activism blogger, vlogger/Youtuber, social media content strategist, part-time marketing manager, poet and social activist. 

Lorna currently works with brands such as McKane Mixers, Chopsi’s Bar, Kiyomisandz, and the most recent – Listify Namibia. Lorna was a nominee in the first ever Simply You Magazine Lifestyle & Fashion Awards 2017 in 2 separate categories – Favourite Female Model and Favourite Blogger.


I have wanted to start a blog for the LONGEST time now. I started a few in the past [on Tumblr and Lookbook], I also opened a Youtube account 6 years ago with the intention of posting a dance video (I was and still am low-key am obsessed with dancing!). I basically just opened the accounts and forgot about them the following day HAHA. I do not know why I was never committed to them. Timing perhaps. Well i plan on giving this blog all I’ve got! My Lookbook and YouTube accounts are back on too !!! Go check them out, my media links are at the very bottom of the blog, under my contact details! 😉

Since i am just starting up, I didn’t want to get my own domain just yet, but I will get one as I progress and when I decide to.

What is FEED about ? 

FEED is a blog which seeks to connect Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Activism. This blog was primarily created as a platform for me to express myself as a social activist since I was constantly doing this on my Instagram profile and through the poetry pieces which I write and perform. It was only meant to be an Activist blog but I later decided to make it inclusive since I am a multi-skilled individual with a passion for all of the current topics which make up FEED. I would like to use this platform to not only provide BOMB aesthetics, but to also teach. Teach about the society we live in, teach about life, teach about self.

“Teach wherever you go.” – Lorna Mabuku

Why the blog name ‘FEED’ ? 

Well honestly I was checking out other bloggers’ names and how their blog names identify with them, therefore, I too wanted to have an identifying blog name ASAP. First it was called ‘Curating Life’ due to the Activism involved with my blog, but I later thought it was way too serious. So 5 minutes later, I came up with the name ‘FEED’. I did some research to see if this name was taken by another/other bloggers but it was not. YAY! This name is perfect because, I mean, a blog is meant for the creation of content, and content|feed pretty much mean the same thing. Feed just sounds more interesting and indulging. People literally feed off of various blogs|pages, in terms of inspiration so I welcome you to FEED on FEED 🙂

x, L




FED in Cape Town

Soooo after about 4 years of trying to make the move from Windhoek to Cape Town, it has finally happened!!! I have always wanted to live in Cape Town and here I am today. I am furthering my studies; Master’s degree, modeling part-time and doing creative projects which will be posted about here and my …


I have decided to add a portfolio page to the blog. The portfolio page will consist of some of my favourite images captured of me as a model/muse. I also take and edit a lot of random videos which relate to my life at that particular time and Spoken Word poetry pieces which I will also try to include. For more videos, click the link to head over to my YouTube channel: LornaMabukuYoutube

I was so excited to shoot with Brandon after I saw his work on his Instagram page (@brandonthomasbrown). Although the shoot was quite rushed since he had to return to the States, Brandon captured me so perfectly in this pink fluffy attire. I received the pictures the next day which was so lovely. Here are my favourite shots.

Photography: Brandon Thomas Brown | Concept x Styling: Lorna Mabuku

STREET SAYS “HI” FASHION | translation > | Street fashion meets high (‘Hi’) fashion.



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