Minimal with Personality



1 dress; 2 ways

I love this button-up dress because of its unique ability. Here i am showing you 2 different ways i wore it, on 2 separate occasions.

Dress: Legit Fashion
Coat: Miladys
Shoes: Converse All Star
Background|shop: Omba Arts Gallery [Windhoek]




Welcome to FEED Est. 2017


I have wanted to start a blog for the LONGEST time now. I started a few in the past [on Tumblr and i even had a Lookbook account], but i basically just opened the accounts and forgot about them the following day HAHA. I do not know why i was never committed to it. Timing perhaps. Well i plan on giving this blog all i’ve got!

Since i am just starting up, i didn’t want to get my own domain just yet, but i will get one as I progress.

Why the blog name ‘FEED’ ???

Well honestly, i was checking out other bloggers’ names and how their blog names identify with them, therefore, i too wanted to have an identifying blog name ASAP. First it was called ‘Curating Life’ but i thought this was way too serious. So in 5 mins, I thought of ‘FEED’. I mean, a blog is meant for the creation of content, and content|feed pretty much mean the same thing. Feed just sounds more interesting, plus this term is recognizable as it is used widely across the world.

People feed off of various blogs|pages, in terms of inspiration so i welcome you to FEED on FEED 🙂