So the 3rd annual Natural Hair and Beauty Expo happened on the 9th September 2017. I attended for the first time ever and not merely as a spectator but I was honoured to be present as 1. Blogger – fashion and personal style and 2. One of the speakers in the panel discussion on the topic ‘Beauty from Within’. You can find the video of a part of my input in the ‘Beauty from Within’ panel discussion on the following link: LornaBeautyFromWithinVideo

We were asked the question “What advice would you give to young men and women on confidence?” My answer was – BE YOURSELF is the message I carry and pass on. I don’t know how to be ‘confident’. All I know is to be me. All I know is to simply BE. No long stories. Confidence is simply a mirror perception on how YOU view YOURSELF. It has nothing to do with other people | NOTE: You cannot love yourself if you do not know yourself. Therefore, LEARN. SEEK. SEEK TO KNOW YOU. Many people do not like learning about others, about life. They do not ask questions. They do not realize that learning about others teaches one fundamental knowledge on self. [I learn more about myself each day, especially through observing others, listening to others and asking questions] LEARN! Embark on a journey of self discovery. Self-discovery & acceptance are the prerequisites to confidence/self-love. 

The #NHBE2017 (official hashtag) was amazing and I feel that events like these are so vital in our society. Learning is so important to me. I learned quite a bit about myself and about my natural hair/how to care for it. It was literally natural hair products, skin care products, beauty products and funky clothes EVERYWHERRE! It was so cool. I met so many new people along with people from social media. 

Below are pictures I took of my FAVOURITE looks along with some of the media publications of the event and pretty pictures taken of me. I would like to say a BIG thank you to Zodidi (one of the founders and organizers) for having me on board for this, and to the #NHBE#NHBE2017 #NHBENAMIBIA . I enjoyed myself!


x, L



Red Bull AMAPHIKO – “A platform created for social entrepreneurs”

“Red Bull Amaphiko’s mission is to give wings to pioneers who are using their talents, creativity and energy to solve problems and make a difference”

Amaphiko (Zulu) : Wings.

I am writing this post because:

  1. Many people do not know what social entrepreneurship is (I didn’t either.)
  2. Some people are social entrepreneurs and are seeking help to develop and take it further but do not know of opportunities like Red Bull Amaphiko.

Last Saturday morning I had the privilege of attending the Red Bull Amaphiko social entrepreneurship talk which was hosted at Chopsi’s Bar (Windhoek). It was an amazing, open, conversation about social entrepreneurship and ways in which to join the movement. The set up was super cool and laid back. The morning started off with the invited speaker, Thokoza Mjo (from South Africa) introducing herself and sharing her story on how she became a social entrepreneur with her brand ‘Beyond the Lemonade Stand’ which is her aid in creating access to the market for teen led enterprises. Thokoza’s clear passion is to train the African youth to be economically active. She showed us a slideshow of all the students/youth she has been mentoring. All of them have created innovative ways to generate an income. Some of the youth are only 15 years old!!! WOW.

Pictures from the event:

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What is a social entrepreneur?

Thokoza is a social entrepreneur. I won’t lie, when I heard this term, I was like “a whaaaaa?” She later went on to explain what it is. From what I understood, a social entrepreneur is someone who plans to or owns a business(es) in which the primary objective is to make money ofcourse, but also one which aims at creating sustainability within the community. The point of social entrepreneurship is not to keep all the knowledge to oneself and capitalize on it, but to teach others so that they too may start their own businesses and so forth; It creates and maintains sustainability.

Why social entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurship will probably not make you fast money but it will generate money over time and it will help with poverty reduction through the opportunity you will be giving to people in need.

Red Bull Amaphiko academy aims at:

  • Assisting social entrepreneurs who feel the urge and are making positive differences in their communities
  • Providing inspiration, mentorship and practical skills & tools which are needed to heighten social entrepreneurs and the projects they lead
  • Lastly, to be able to network and communicate with leading innovators, businesswomen/men and storytellers across the world.

For more info, head to https://amaphiko.redbull.com/en

OH AND BY THE WAAAAYYY, Red Bull Namibia is finally on Instagram!! Whooooppp!! @redbullnam go folloooowww 🙂