[All pictures taken & edited by me unless otherwise stated]

It is only my 2nd month in Cape Town and I am proud of myself for the fact that I attended the AFRICAN FASHION INTERNATIONAL – CAPE TOWN FASHION WEEK [link: afi ] as a MEDIA guest [blogger]. I attended the last 2 days; day 3 & day 4. Read below on my experience along with pictures.

The theme for this year’s show was #IAMAFRICA and all of the designers’ showcases were truly inspired by this hashtag. All of the shows connected to each other in 1 way or another; it had a continuous feeling, as it should. The models were ALL on point! I have never seen so much perfection in my entire life! The models at AFI CAPE TOWN were so pleasant to watch. *bows down*

My favorite moments:

I was very touched with South African designer, Craig Port’s showcase tribute to his late sister, Laura. The theme surrounding his designs was TELL LAURA I LOVE HER. Through his garments & choices for his showcase, I was filled with emotions as I truly felt the love. The showcase included little girls who also wore the kids’ Craig Port designs. It was a very moving showcase to say the least. #TELLLAURAILOVEHER !


Adama Paris’ collection was one to remember. It was inspired by WAKANDA from the movie Black Panther and was simply amazing! I am a huge fan of Adama Paris’ work and I have had the honour of walking in her show in Angola International Fashion Show 2017.

first 2 pics by AFI.

At one point during the event, during unknownunion ‘s showcase, I remember saying [stunned & aloud] “how are people so creative??? “I was and still am SHOOK! –

“EACH PERSON IS CRUCIAL; WE ARE ALL EQUAL.” – Adele Dejak [fashion designer from Kenya]


IMG_5497 Received this super cool t-shirt from AFRICA IS NOW magazine – it sponsored the Fashion Revolution showcase. I also received some other super cool goodies which were the sponsors of some showcases, including Wella Professionals [hair] and Nivea.



FED in Cape Town

Soooo after about 4 years of trying to make the move from Windhoek to Cape Town, it has finally happened!!! I have always wanted to live in Cape Town and here I am today. I am furthering my studies; Master’s degree, modeling part-time and doing creative projects which will be posted about here and my YouTube page so stay tuned!!!

It is only my 2nd month living in Cape Town and I am still so in love with the city! I used to come here a lot for short vacations (1 week) therefore I was not sure if my love for CT was just a holiday illusion, but it is as real as can be! Cape Town, I love you! I am finding it very easy to adjust, and I also find it very easy to network here and to get the right connections, LOL the other day a friend of mine was like “Lorna, how do you already know so many people/all the right places” HAHAHHA let’s just say that I am the plug. So if you ever find yourself in Cape Town, hollaaaaa 🙂

I found myself often very stuck in Windhoek and feeling very uninspired most of the time, I think this is simply due to the fact that I have been living in Windhoek for so many years since I moved back from Kinshasa. This is normal but I am somebody that gets bored very easily and ever since I traveled the first time, I developed a want/need to change my [permanent] surroundings. I have been in the Namibian fashion industry since 2012 therefore I also felt like I have grown so much in Windhoek but cannot grow anymore, the feeling of a ‘challenge’ was over therefore it left me uninspired to want to do much more. Being in a new city feels fresh, it feels like a new start where I get to feel challenged again to do things and leave my footprints. I always say that, when you leave the world, you must have been able to leave a mark; what will people know you as? – Note: “I was here.”

LISTENNNNNNNN!!!!! My first month here was super chilled! It was mostly about fun, networking, school and simply adjusting to the city, no work. Now, my second month is about to be LIT!!! I am finally taking on creative projects/work. aaaaaannnddddd the first ever project/event i will be doing here in Cape Town is the African Fashion International [AFI] Cape Town Fashion Week – not as a spectator but I HAVE BEEN SELECTED TO BE PART OF THE MEDIA TEAM THAT WILL COVER THE FASHION WEEK!!! It will be happening from 21st-24th March 2018. I will be writing a BLOG post regarding the fashion week, with tons of pictures of the event and a few favourite looks there. I will also try to create a VLOG about this event.


This is HUGE! I have been a fan of AFI and have been following them for about 4 years now, just patiently waiting to collaborate with them one day and here we are.



“AFRO” EMOJIS ? |EMOJIs – the lack of representation PART 2|

Written on December 20, 2017


I wrote about the lack of representation through the absence of emojis with Afro hair in mid November 2017 for an upcoming project separate from my blog. (It was only posted here today).

Previews of the 2018 emojis have been released recently and ‘Afro’ emojis are part of it. Clearly somebody heard me/us, but they also did NOT hear me/us. 

What classifies hair into an AFRO? In my opinion, the hair’s ability to defy gravity and stand freely in the air, whether curly or very coily etc is what turns hair from normal into an afro. These emojis are a joke! To me, this does not look like afro hair but simply short caucasian-looking curly hair.


Black hair is so versatile and Afros are all about texture! If they did not know what to do, they could have included a variety. This pattern of society is deliberate. It seems that this world is all about shitting on black people. 

& YET, I STILL BELONG!!!!!!!!!!!!


I collaborated with an extremely talented illustrator by the name ‘Phathu Designs’. I simply gave her an idea of what type of illustration I wanted and she made it come to life in to time! She created the illustration above (& below) specifically for me, for this article. See more of Phathu Designs and connect with her on the following media links:




CrH6qkqWAAACEvE45AAA20A00000578-5016749-image-m-24_1508948638287Michael-jackson-as-a-childDiana Ross Portrait SessionSomali afro old pica157625a5b1aaae25062f4e378e93f59--solange-wedding-soul-sisters




EMOJIs – the lack of representation |PART 1|

*Written on November 17, 2017*

I collaborated with an extremely talented illustrator by the name ‘Phathu Designs’. I simply gave her an idea of what type of illustration I wanted and she made it come to life in to time! She created the illustration above (& below) specifically for me, for this article. See more of Phathu Designs and connect with her on the following media links:





“…and do you belong?” – “I DO.” That must be my most favourite lyric of 2016, sang by Solange Knowles in her song ‘Weary’

I do belong in the world and I am going to use my voice to provoke this. When I hear the word ‘emoji’, I think of a cool, fun & humorous way of expression. A few years ago, that is pretty much all I thought when it comes to emojis. Today’s emojis still encompass that along with the acknowledgment of diversity in races. I really like the fact that emojis vary in skin color shades & can go super dark, but I do have a concern. If skin color can be taken into account, it must be just as simple to include emojis with afros. NOT EVERYBODY HAS NATURALLY STRAIGHT HAIR! All the emojis (girls and boys) have straight hair. This sends out constant subliminal messages to the subconcious. I remember back when I was a child I loved playing with Barbie dolls, but at that time, one could only get white Barbie dolls since black Barbie dolls weren’t introduced yet. I remember always wishing I had naturally straight, long hair; I always anticipated the next time I would have relaxer put on my hair. As a kid, I also always wished I had a white best friend. If this is what my mindset was like in the 2000’s, what is the mindset of the youth today? The world is moving at a very fast pace with social media etc. I believe the social pressure of today is much worse than what was in the 2000’s, therefore, sending out subliminal messages like “you do not belong” is quite dangerous to the minds of today. What makes it worse is that it all goes to the unconscious mind, without any awareness of the message that is being absorbed. There is no real awareness until one actually has the interest of asking questions such as “why”. Not many people have even picked up on what these phone softwares and developers are promoting through emojis, which we use EVERYDAY! That is the level of unconsciousness that it is at. Although there is the skin color preference option, it is not enough! None of the emojis even have hijabs! It is 2017. BTW, I am also extremely tired of hearing “first African American/black person/woman to…” Tired.

image1 (10)


will VOGUE finally care about EBONY issues?

Left photo: edward_enninful/twitter | Right photo: photo: @randomandchic/Instagram

2 words: Edward Enninful, 1 hashtag: #NEWVOGUE

Vogue magazine has always sparked racial controversy and it is for good reason. British Vogue is 101 years old, yet there have been less than 5 black models to ever grace its front cover (in solo form). Naomi Campbell (named British Vogue’s contributing editor 2017) and Jourdan Dunn are among the models to have graced the cover. It is no wonder statements like “Vogue doesn’t care about Ebony issues” have been expressed. If Vogue does not really use black models on its cover, the magazine clearly does not care about how this would affect the black community all over the world and black aspiring models all over. More people of colour should be hired behind the scenes, so that we may all have a voice. Naomi Campbell posted an image of the British Vogue staff of 2017, what is seen is quite disturbing.

Picture:  screenshot of vogue


The entire previous staff was white as seen on the picture. This clearly shows why the magazine has been run this way for all these years, there has been no voice for people who are not white. How cool would it be if every company had to undergo a diversity test? I mean, it would be sad that it would have to come to that but I mean…. It is 2017 and this is still happening in so many workplaces! Thankfully for British Vogue lovers and readers, Edward Enninful has come to the long-awaited rescue!

Mixed-race Ghanaian model and activist, Adwoa Aboah (also contributing editor to the magazine) is the cover girl for the November issue, which is the first magazine edition that Eninnful has released as new Editor-In-Chief. We can clearly see that Enninful is not here to play any games! Edward has stated that his goal is to bring inclusion and diversity to the international magazine. Enninful does not only want to represent a community or a portion of the world but seeks to represent THE WORLD, as it should be. It seems #NEWVOGUE will finally care about EBONY issues.  This is what happens when diversity is included as STAFF, #NEWVOGUE is trending all over the world, it is probably the most talked about British Vogue edition ever, the previous Editor-In-Chief could learn something here… Diversity & inclusion brings readers from all over.



Windhoek Fashion Week 2017 – FEEDING you with affordable aesthetics

Windhoek Fashion Week / #WFW2017 happened on 1-4 November 2017 and I attended the finale/day 4. I was not present as a blogger or model, just as a spectator. Talented photographers took beautiful pictures of me and I thought I would share them, along with what I wore. I decided to attend last minute [literally only about 4 hours prior to the shows], therefore I did not wear any ‘desinaaaa’, instead, I wore clothes that I already had in my closet. Side note: IT IS NOT DIFFICULT TO LOOK FLY ON A BUDGET! Many people stress themselves by having the mindset of “If I’m not wearing a designer, I’m not attending.” Well, I wore what I had, attended, had a blast, received many compliments and got STUNNING photographs from it.

Outfit details from head to toe:

Black choker – Mr. P | Black bandeau – China store | Black bomber jacket – Identity . The ‘Windhoek’ patch was sewed on | Pastel purple leather pencil skirt – Legit Fashion | Black plain court heel – Legit Fashion | Pastel purple sling handbag – Foschini.

Styling & Make-Up – Lorna Mabuku

My beautiful yellow eyeshadow is from MUD cosmetics. Available from MUD Namibia distributor, Viver Fragranciamu make-up consultants: ViverFragranciaInstagram / ViverFragranciamuFacebook , see previous blog post for more info.

A ‘2 events in 1’ YouTube VLOG is coming up on WFW + a Halloween party I helped plan & attended at Chopsi’s Bar right after fashion week. Stay tuned. In the meantime, head over to my channel: YouTubeChannel 

Below are some of the photographs taken of me at #WFW2017 with all photographers’ credited, along with links to their pages respectively.


Photo: Kevin Perestrelo | KevinInstagram
Photo: Kevin Perestrelo | KevinInstagram
Photo: Kevin Perestrelo | KevinInstagram
Processed with VSCO with b5 preset
Photo: Blesser Malcah TV | BlesserMalcahtvYouTubeChannel
Processed with VSCO with b5 preset
Photo: Blesser Malcah TV | BlesserMalcahtvYouTubeChannel
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Photo: Martin Amushendje | MartinInstagram
FullSizeRender (2)
Photo: Blxckfyre | JacobInstagram
FullSizeRender_1 (2)
Photo: Blxckfyre | JacobInstagram
Photo: Vaultz | VaultzWebsite
Photo: Vaultz | VaultzWebsite
FullSizeRender (3)
Photo: Blxckfyre | JacobInstagram





I have had the pleasure of working with MUD cosmetics’ Namibia distributor and make-up artist, Marilie Vermeulen (@viverfragrancia of instagram) on several occasions.
She did my make-up on 2 separate photoshoots. Through my exposure to MUD, I have genuinely come to adore the products. Why? – MUD make-up feels light (not heavy or harsh) on my skin. I also love that the products are very pigmented, meaning that you do not have to use so much product at once (like the eyeshadow and blush). I use the yellow eyeshadow like everyday! NO LIE!!!! I literally wore it everyday for a week straight when I would go out during the evening. It looks SO pretty on my skin tone. pictures inserted:

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The work I did with Viver Fragranciamu (make-up artist) using MUD make-up are as follows:

  1. July 2017 – COLLABORATIVE BRIDAL PHOTOSHOOT: Marilie of Viver Fragrancia Make-Up Consultants did my make-up for a bridal collaboration shoot (various businesses/brands involved with the aims of tapping into each other’s social media following as a marketing tool.) 2 models were used; Myself and Lizelle.

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All brands of Collaborative shoot involved:

Make-Up: Viver Fragrância Make-Up Consultants
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/viverfragranciamu/


Model: Lorna Mabuku
Facebook: https://facebook.com/lornamabuku/

Model: Lizelle Esterhuizen
Photographer: NaschéD Photography 
Photographer: Lourika Reinders Photography 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LourikaReindersPhotography/

Make-Up: Viver Fragrância Make-Up Consultants 
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/viverfragranciamu/


Spray Tan: Wonderlab & Bronze Bodiez
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BronzeBodiezNam/


Floral Design: Kaapse Tafel Your preferred florist 
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kaapsetafel


Pictures of the anti-animal cruelty shoot along with a handbag shoot:


The launch of MUD Namibia happened on the 15th September at the Inspiration Tables which is a fun day of exploring different brands/stalls. MUD Namibia/Marilie Vermeulen had a fashion show showcasing avant-garde fashion along with Namibian design garments. I was 1 of the models who walked the runway for this. Our day started at about 6AM for makeup and the show started at around 9.30AM. The show was good, I had a lot of fun backstage/behind the scenes as I always do with fellow models. We also had photoshoots with about 3 different photographers after the fashion show. It was also pretty cool that in each guests’ goodie bag, there came a booklet of information regarding MUD and biographies of all models & make-up artists involved. The cover of the booklet was a picture of myself :), it is also quite exciting everytime I go to Viver Fragranciamu make-up consultants’ office (situated in Maerua Mall – Next to Spar) as my face is enlarged on a banner. These pictures were taken through my previous work with Viver Fragrancia make-up consultant, Marilie Vermeulen. Make-up was MUD.

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x, L.


So the 3rd annual Natural Hair and Beauty Expo happened on the 9th September 2017. I attended for the first time ever and not merely as a spectator but I was honoured to be present as 1. Blogger – fashion and personal style and 2. One of the speakers in the panel discussion on the topic ‘Beauty from Within’. You can find the video of a part of my input in the ‘Beauty from Within’ panel discussion on the following link: LornaBeautyFromWithinVideo

We were asked the question “What advice would you give to young men and women on confidence?” My answer was – BE YOURSELF is the message I carry and pass on. I don’t know how to be ‘confident’. All I know is to be me. All I know is to simply BE. No long stories. Confidence is simply a mirror perception on how YOU view YOURSELF. It has nothing to do with other people | NOTE: You cannot love yourself if you do not know yourself. Therefore, LEARN. SEEK. SEEK TO KNOW YOU. Many people do not like learning about others, about life. They do not ask questions. They do not realize that learning about others teaches one fundamental knowledge on self. [I learn more about myself each day, especially through observing others, listening to others and asking questions] LEARN! Embark on a journey of self discovery. Self-discovery & acceptance are the prerequisites to confidence/self-love. 

The #NHBE2017 (official hashtag) was amazing and I feel that events like these are so vital in our society. Learning is so important to me. I learned quite a bit about myself and about my natural hair/how to care for it. It was literally natural hair products, skin care products, beauty products and funky clothes EVERYWHERRE! It was so cool. I met so many new people along with people from social media. 

Below are pictures I took of my FAVOURITE looks along with some of the media publications of the event and pretty pictures taken of me. I would like to say a BIG thank you to Zodidi (one of the founders and organizers) for having me on board for this, and to the #NHBE#NHBE2017 #NHBENAMIBIA . I enjoyed myself!


x, L




Okay. It is evidently no secret that i have been M.I.A for a bit although i have been creating constantly – taking pictures and videos of events which i would like to post. I have had a lack of inspiration i guess, even though I have been documenting. I am so glad that i am not the type of person that FEEDs largely off society and the expectations of others. I just do so much all at the same time and it does get overwhelming even for me. I took a break. I’m back. I would like to be more consistent with my posts from now on. 

I am back and I am BETTER. After a few months of slacking, I feel refreshed, FED and ready to continue what I have started.

Btw, while I was offline, I created my logo BY MYSELF (see, I do A LOT – now a graphic designer? *hahahah*)  The logo is basically me as a brand – LORNA MABUKU – Picture on the top left

x, L