Lorna Mabuku


I have wanted to start a blog for the LONGEST time now. I started a few in the past [on Tumblr and i even had a Lookbook account], but i basically just opened the accounts and forgot about them the following day HAHA. I do not know why i was never committed to it. Timing perhaps. Well i plan on giving this blog all i’ve got!

Since i am just starting up, i didn’t want to get my own domain just yet, but i will get one as I progress.

Why the blog name ‘FEED’???

Well honestly i was checking out other bloggers’ names and how their blog names identify with them, therefore, i too wanted to have an identifying blog name ASAP. First it was called ‘Curating Life’ but i thought it was way too serious. So in 5 mins, I thought of ‘FEED’. I mean, a blog is meant for the creation of content, and content|feed pretty much mean the same thing. Feed just sounds more interesting, plus I use this term ALOT. For example, i have told some people “I love your Instagram feed” which simply means i love your Instagram page. Also, people feed off of various blogs|pages, in terms of inspiration so i welcome you to FEED on FEED 🙂