Hi future Miss Namibia contestant 🙂

My name is Lorna Mabuku and I was a top 12 finalist in Miss Namibia (2016). I have been receiving requests on tips/advice from the contestants of 2017 so I thought I would use this platform to reach out to more contestants at once… or as I would like to put it “kill ALL the birds with 1 stone.”

First and foremost, WHY? Why are you entering the pageant? know why you are entering! Want to know why I entered? Here is my story:

Growing up, I knew about Miss Namibia but I never thought I could/would ever enter it. Why? Pageants are not my thing. Also, I did not believe in myself and I always allowed my introvert and reserved nature to hold me back from taking part in many things. The years passed me by and I always looked at the entry form in the newspaper and kept it moving. Miss Namibia was not something I thought about often. I did not even know when exactly the dates were. I just coincidentally saw the entry forms whenever I did.

2016 arrived and once again, that time had come as I paged through a newspaper and saw the Miss Namibia entry form. It was literally then and there that I decided that i was going to do it. I spontaneously decided that i was going to submit an entry form. When I entered Miss Namibia, I did not want to win the pageant. I entered the pageant as a confidence boost. I thought that if I could be brave enough to take part in Miss Namibia, then I could do almost anything and I was correct.

Miss Namibia taught me so much about myself that I never even knew existed. I learned and realized that i truly have so much potential, we all do. I learned about public speaking (which I have feared for the longest time and still do but this helped me in so many ways!!!) I have always admired spoken word poets because of the courage they had to get up on stage and talk. Talk about things that most of us were thinking.  I have aspired to be a spoken word poet for the longest time and had poetry pieces that I never shared as I was terrified. After Miss Namibia, I became a spoken word poet. I would definitely say that the pageant truly gave me the confidence boost I was looking for.  In terms of educating myself, this was an efficient learning process. People ask me what the experience was like and I always say how amazing it was for me. I wanted to learn more about myself and grow and I accomplished that!  My journey was amazing. I am here to help you with yours. (see tips at the bottom)

My Miss Namibia experience, in a nutshell:

image2 (4)image3 (4)image4 (4)


  • BE PUNCTUAL AT ALL TIMES! – The judges and your chaperone(s) pay close attention and keep count of this as it plays a huge role.
  • ALWAYS BE PREPARED (hence the help i am offering)
  • PAY ATTENTION! – Things are going to be said and done around you all the time. Pay attention and try to stay in the loop. Talk less, listen more. For example: sometimes there is honestly already an obvious winner who has been chosen beforehand; watch closely.
  • THEY WATCH YOUR EVERY MOVE 🙂 – Be careful what you do once you are in the top 12. Be very cautious with what you do or engage in during the entire duration of the pageant. From what you post on social media etc.
  • DO NOT SEPARATE YOURSELF! – If you were a judge and you had to choose a girl to become the winner of the pageant, would you choose A: only sticks to 1 group of girls or B: gets along and is friendly with all of the girls?
  • BE HUMBLE! (Sit down if you have to) – NOBODY LIKES A MEAN GIRL yet every pageant seems to have one. DON’T BE HER. Please! It is unnecessary. If the pageant is meant for you, nobody can take that away from you. Be kind and humble always.
  • WHICH TYPE OF CHARITY ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT? – Know this already because a lot of the pageant interview questions will be about you, the charity of your choice and of course why you should be the winner.
  • DO NOT MISS A CHALLENGE! – Last year, we had challenges to complete (after being trained for some) such as a top model challenge, a public speaking challenge, a sports challenge, a talent challenge etc. Don’t miss a single one as there will be winners for each of these challenges and there are points at stake.
  • WHY DO YOU THINK YOU SHOULD WIN? – Know this: As Miss Namibia, you are going to be the ambassador of the country therefore it is a huge title to carry. Why YOU?
  • BE UNIQUE – Do not be afraid to be you. Stay true to yourself to some extent. It shows when you are TRYING to be somebody else.
  • LEARN FROM YOUR FELLOW CONTESTANTS – As the old saying goes “2 heads are better than 1” learn from your peers during the pageant. Pay attention, ask questions and listen. Especially once you all have moved into the hotel the week before the pageant. Study possible interview questions together in a designated room. Our room (with my roomie) used to be the study room. All the girls that wanted to study would come over to our room and we would all go over possible questions together and share information and different views. Some nights, we would stay up until 3 in the morning. It is important to be knowledgeable, educated and up to date.
  • MAKE FRIENDS – Yes this is a competition but you still need friends. You find some girls who are nice and you could even be friends with after the crowning night. I made so many new friends. You also find girls who are not there to make long term friends, this is OKAY!
  • HAVE FUN!!!! – This might sound crazy but on the crowning night, i trained my mind to not be nervous and it worked! I was honestly not nervous at all or i didn’t feel the nerves. I had fun with it.

I hope this helped! If you have any further questions. Reach me on Instagram: @lornamabuku



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